Locast.org Goes National

Free Online Broadcast Repeater Service Locast.org Goes National

The non-profit Sports Fans Coalition NY (SFCNY) today launched Locast.org, a free local broadcast video streaming service currently available in New York City, to the people of Dallas, TX, and announced the expansion of Locast.org in the coming weeks to three other top-10 markets. Locast.org today also premiered a new and improved user interface and a Locast Android App, making it easier than ever before to watch local broadcast stations online.

“Broadcast TV since its inception was supposed to be free and available to the public” said SFCNY Chairman David Goodfriend. “In the coming weeks, we will be launching Locast.org in three other top-10 markets,” said Goodfriend. “We’ve signed the local leases, bought the equipment, and tested the software. Once the installations are complete, we will have provided Locast.org to five of the biggest media markets in the U.S.,” Goodfriend added. “All we ask is that users consider the expense of providing the service and make a donation so we can keep the ball rolling.”

“The new Android App makes it even easier to watch local broadcast TV online,” added Goodfriend. “Just download the App from the Google Play store and watch your local news, weather, sports, or favorite shows on your mobile device or smart TV.” To get the Android app <Click Here>


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