Locast.org Launches in Philadelphia, PA.

New York, NY– Non-profit digital translator service, Locast.org, announced today its launch in Philadelphia, PA. Locast offers 15 local broadcast channels from the Philadelphia market on the Internet, using either web browser, Android, Apple, or Roku platforms, provided that users are located within the Philadelphia local market. The service is free, although users are encouraged to contribute to the non-profit in order to support the service.

“Locast is proud to add The City of Brotherly Love to our six other Locast markets,” said David Goodfriend, Chairman of Sports Fans Coalition NY, the non-profit operating Locast. Locast already is available in New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Dallas, and Denver. “Philly residents who want to watch their local broadcast channels but cannot receive an over-the-air signal or do not subscribe to cable or satellite now have a way to watch local TV,” Goodfriend added. “Local broadcasters who want to reach viewers online now have a digital translator service to boost their reach.”

“Right before Election Day,” said Goodfriend, “Philadelphia area voters who otherwise cannot access their local broadcast stations now will be able to learn about candidates and access important local political coverage.”

Locast launched in New York City on January 11, 2018. “We plan to keep adding local channels to each market, rolling out new markets, and launching Locast on new platforms,” said Goodfriend, “but we really need users to contribute to the non-profit service in order to keep going.”

“Locast will help Philadelphia residents stay connected to their local news, weather, sports, and entertainment through a cost effective and widely available platform,” added Goodfriend. “For the cord cutter who left cable, the consumer who cannot receive an over-the-air signal, or the local broadcaster trying to reach audiences online, Locast is a win-win.”

For more information on Sports Fans Coalition NY and to sign up and become a #cordcutter, visit www.locast.org and follow Locast.org on Facebook and Twitter @LocastOrg.

### Sports Fans Coalition NY (SFCNY) is a New York-based nonprofit, fan-advocacy group formed in 2017. It is the first local chapter of Sports Fans Coalition, Inc., which led the successful campaign to end the Sports Blackout Rule at the Federal Communications Commission in 2014 and continues to advocate for fans wherever sports and public policy intersect. <Download here>